Merchant Agreement Policy

Part (I): Merchant Agreement Policy (MAP)

 Riich is the new integration between Social Network and E-commerce, this community was built by us and dedicated to the betterment. We believe that true freedom comes from great teamwork and unity when we unite, we’ll have the power to talk, the power to bargain, the power to help, and the power to change for a better world.

 General Terms & Condition (GTC)

Merchant – is a seller that registered a profile in Riich Me ’s platform and list their products in the marketplace, to submit the products the merchant needs to create a user account (one user can only create one store or merchant account.

Type of Merchants

There are the following merchant or business accounts at the moment such as;

Micro-Businesses – A small scale or family business with lesser than 10 employees.

Small & Medium Businesses- A company with an employee of more than 10 and below 100 employees.

Enterprise/Large Organizations – Refer to a company that has more than 100 employees.

Pricing – there are different pricing in ePOS Go Digital Membership package.

Sales transactions

When you are using the Riich Me  you will have your store QR Code, you can use the store QR for a customer order, and the ePOS-QR will work as an e-commerce site and mobile app for your store. 

Sales by ePOS – is refer to off-line sales or in-store sales by the cashier. 

Online Sales – is refer to an online order that customers submit order by merchant QR code or any order from the eMarketplace App.

eMarketplace App – is refer to a supporting sales platform that was established to increase sales revenue for ePOS sellers. All products listed in the ePOS App will be automatically displayed in the eMarketplace App, system will send a notification to sellers’ ePOS App whenever having a new order. 


Payment and transaction FEE

By listing the product into Riich Me and its affiliate partners' marketplaces and affiliate network you agreed that Riich Me will charge a transaction fee of 0% per sale, However if you are using MePay Wallet as your merchant payment gateway, Riich Me  will charge 1.5% to 3% transaction fee will be automatically deducted from the credit of your eWallet. The credit after the sale will be showing in the status “On hold” in your e-wallet, usually, this amount will be finally released into your e-wallet after a week to ensure that you have arranged the shipment to your clients.

Withdraw and payment.

The payment is made weekly, to withdraw the payment, you need to verify your e-wallet (MePay Wallet).

Product Quality & Customer Services. 

Riich Me  will not respond for any quality of the products selling under the eMarketplace App, eMarketplace web platform, or the products of each Riich Me  seller. By using the Riich Me , marketplace app you as a seller, have a full responsibility to take care of the product's quality and delivery great customer service for your business. 


Riich Me  has a full right and authority to block or suspend any seller's account that receives more than three complaints from customers or those sellers who sell fake products or are against the law of copyright or selling any products that are harmful to people's health and especially the children and babies. 


Product Delivery – By using the Riich Me  eCommerce platform you have full responsibility to deliver the products on time to the customers, 24 hours within Phnom Penh city, and not exceed 48 hours for provinces. 

Part (II) – Membership Cancellation Policy

All packages will have a 14-day free trial, you can explore and use the platform for FREE, if you satisfy with ePOS – Go Digital features and believe that it can help your business growth, then you can subscribe to a premium service started with Micro Business Package at ten US dollars a month and the smallest package is three months.

After the trial or end of each subscription - if you didn’t upgrade your membership, you will not able to manage your merchant dashboard. In this regard ePOS – Go Digital will not take any responsibility for losing your merchant data.

None-refundable membership

During the trial period, you can cancel your membership anytime. If you are not happy with the platform, we would not recommend you upgrade your membership as it is not refundable after the trial.

Renew membership warning – you will receive the warning message on top of your ePOS Go Digital App screen within 15 days before expiration, to avoid any disrupted your store merchant, we highly recommend you to renew your membership as soon as possible after receiving the warning message.

For any request for merchant support, please feel free to email us at