Alpha Spin

AlphaSpin is the best solution to counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation emanating from mobile phones, computers, TV, cars, planes, electrical appliances, and etc. Infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency producing powerful resonance capa


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Product Description

AlphaSpin has been known to

 – Create a natural Quantum Energy Field

 – Generate hexagonal water clusters known as crystal water

 – Improve absorption and increases hydration

 – Improve blood circulation

 – Improve plant growth and speeds up seed germination

 – Reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin and activating collagen and elastin

 – Improve metabolism and hereby slows down the process of aging

 – Harmonize the living environment even when surrounded by harmful EMF

 – Enhance the absorption of facial and body creams

 – Facilitate the flow of energy when combined with reflexology

 – Improve the quality of air and the environment when used with a diffuser

 – Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

 – Improve the quality of sleep