Bluetooth Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad Joystick Color Button with Light Game Remote Control - Black


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Product Description

Product Characteristics
1) This handle is compatible with Wii U host and incompatible with Wii host.
2) The handle is connected to the Wii U host via Bluetooth wireless. Within the effective working distance of 8 meters, the signal is stable, no delay and no dropping.
3) No need to install any driver, the handle can be used when it is connected with the Wii U host.
4) This handle supports all functions of the original Wii U Pro handle.
5) Built-in motor to support vibration feedback function.
6) Built-in 400 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can supply power for less than 10 hours after full charge.
7) Built-in four LED channel indicator lights, which can be used to number players in the order of connecting to the computer.
8) Up to four handles can be connected to the host at the same time.
9) Ergonomic design, feel comfortable, even if continue to play games for several hours is not easy to fatigue.
10) Each handle is equipped with a USB charging data line for charging the handle.
11) When the handle is operated without any action, it goes into dormancy for about 5 minutes, and the indicator light of the handle goes out.
Product Use
1) Press the power button of the handle. If the four LED channel lights do not flicker, it means that the handle has no electricity and needs to be charged first.
2) Open the Wii U host and connect the necessary accessories, such as the display.
3) Open the handle: Press the power key of the handle, and the four LED channel lights will flicker quickly.
4) Press SYNC in front of the Wii U host, then SYNC on the back of the handle. An LED lamp on the handle will be long on, indicating that the code is successful and the handle can be used.