Camera Tripod Bluetooth Bracket Mobile Phone External Photo Portable Selfie - Jet Black


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Product Description

1. Foldable bottom plate. After using the stabilizer, the photographer usually does not place the camera vertically on the ground to prevent the device from falling. But our stabilizers are equipped with a collapsible quick release base that allows the photographer to place the device vertically on the ground without worrying about the situation.
2. The entire unit is adjusted without any wrenches or screwdrivers and any other tools.
3. Camera mount platform with quick release, toolless, floor-to-ceiling camera panel that allows you to quickly install or remove the camera. The ergonomic control knob quickly and accurately adjusts the front and rear movement and lateral movement of the top stage. These controls allow you to adjust the camera's horizontal balance.
4. Knob adjustment design provides greater precision when adjusting balance.
5. Modular design is conducive to future upgrades.
6. Precise unicycle bearing for smooth rotation.
7. Place your hand on the auxiliary adjustment adapter (included) that is already attached to the tripod to make adjustment and stimulation easier and faster.
8. Its handle is ergonomically designed to make you feel comfortable during operation.