DYT - 90 Physical Mosquito Killer from Xiaomi youpin - White


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Product Description

Main Features:
• Using environmentally-friendly physical electrostatic shock to kill mosquitoes, using light source to attract mosquitoes 360 degrees, non-toxic and harmless, no chemical components volatile components, pregnant women, infants, the elderly can use safely
• The mosquito light source range is up to 40 square meters, enough for a single room use
• High electrical and thermal conductivity gold is used as the filament wire to effectively ensure the mosquito light source is stable during the use of the mosquito lamp bead, and the life span is up to 10,000 hours
• ABS environmentally friendly flame retardant material, fireproof, durable and tough
• 6mm gap to prevent children's fingers from entering, intimately protect children's safety
• USB interface, kill mosquitoes anywhere, anytime
• Low power consumption, more environmentally friendly and energy saving
• Charging time 3 hours, 1800mAh lithium battery