MAD GIGA X100 Wireless Controller Joystick with a Phone Holder - United States


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Product Description

This is wireless controller with a USB receiver which supports PC, Android Tablet, Phone, TV, PS3, Samsung Gear VR. More functional key for your excellent gaming experience: analog stick, turbo, direction key, action key ( label A, B, X and Y ), right / left joysticks, L1 / L2, R1 / R2.

Main Highlights:
Equipped with a USB receiver, you can plug it into your devices to realize wireless operation.
Turbo function and dual vibration feedback offer you convenient and flexible control while you are playing, ensuring you start a wonderful game at any time.
Adopts a bracket which is compatible with 3.5 inch - 6.4 inch phones to fix your phones onto it firmly and securely. Plus, its angles are adjustable ( from 90 degrees to 150 degrees ), just set a right angle for your comfortable viewing.

Main Features:
Unmatched Compatibility: 
Suitable for more devices, including PC, Android Tablet, Phone, TV, PS3, Samsung Gear VR. Powerful compatibility allows you to use these devices for a wider selection of games. What's more, you can plug the USB receiver into your devices to garner wireless control while you play. 

Well Construction For Comfortable Grip: 
The controller can provide ample palm grip for you, convenient ergonomic design, firm and convenient to hold. Combined with the buttons' layout, you will immediately experience its humanized design, and how it operates fluently and efficiently.

Retractable And Angle-adjustable Clip Mount:
Built-in a bracket which suits for 3.5 inch - 6.4 inch phones to mount your phone steadily. Adjustable angle from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. Choose your desired angles to start the game.

High-precision Analog Stick:
Two 360-degree rotational joysticks ensure you can control flexibly the direction and shoot precisely enemies. Aside from that you can quickly roll your thumbs across different directions, no effort, total fun!

Ultimate Gaming Experience:
Crafted with the traditional layout with a turbo function and dual vibration feedback, the controller will give you an awesome adventure. Its design does work well with fighting games. Get it and immerse yourself into a wonderful gaming!