Original Metoo Zero gaming keyboard Russian/English/Arabic Mechanical Keyboard 104 keys usb Wired keyboard blue/red switch


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Product Description

  • Black 87 key (no backlight) ,ABS Plastic Panel , only English version


  • Black / White and  87/104key  (mix backlight), Metal panel,ABS keycap, Have English and Russian + English version
Blue Switches:
  • Operation Type:paragraph sense ,Click 


  • Trigger pressure:58.9± 14.7g


  • Trigger stroke  :2.0±0.6mm


  • Operation stroke:4mm
Blue switch represents the mechanical axis of shaft axis, regardless of the sense of paragraph percussion sound, strong mechanical sense is the shaft body type, the sound, voice clear, strong sense of rhythm for typing, typing and office entertainment are also strong game performance.



Black Switches:


  •    Operation Type:Linear


  •    Trigger pressure:78.9± 14.7g


  •    Trigger stroke  :2.0±0.6mm


  •    Operation stroke:4mm
Black switch is the proper axis for playing games. Black vertical axis. No sense of paragraph, small voice, and the Qing axis in stark contrast. Trigger fast, return powerful, is the game player's choice.


Red Switches:


 light version of the black switch (its press force is less than the black switch)





Product Image (100% Real shot picture)


Custom backlight:CM1,CM2,CM3 For the combination of custom backligh the use of methods can refer to our video


Restore factory setting: After pressing "FN+DEL" for 3 seconds, the keyboard will be restored to the factory settings. Remove all previous habits and settings.