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SAM China

Product Description

Product Name Colla Mixed

Flower Pollen Extract G60 400 mg.
Flower Pollen Extract GBX 3 mg.
Collagen from deep sea fish 100 mg.

Special properties: 
Collagen in Colla Mixed is dipeptide type collagen, which is the smallest among collagen, with a size of 200 Daltons, different from collagen in the market. With large molecules, the absorption is less. Therefore, the amount of collagen in the product may seem small, but it is highly effective compared to other products in the market.
The process of creating that collagen Need to use a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. especially vitamin C In which the product contains vitamin C from Flower Pollen Extract G60, which will effectively enhance the process of creating collagen in the skin and blood vessels, including other parts of the body. Different from eating products that only contain collagen alone
recommended amount per day Take 2 capsules per day is enough for the needs of collagen production in the body.

Replace collagen that is lost with age. Because the process of creating collagen in the body will decrease with age, especially in women aged 30 and over.
skin rejuvenation Build the thickness of the skin layer to reduce wrinkles.
Increase the radiance of the skin, making it look young.
Make nails strong, flexible, reduce nail breakage.
make hairs have good growth

There is a research that Can reduce pain from degeneration of joints, bones and ligaments that connect the skeletal muscles.