Portable Handheld Scanner HD 900DPI - Carbon Gray


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Product Description

Image sensor: A4 color touch sensor
Interface: USB2.0
Scanning resolution: low resolution: 300 x 300DPI
Medium Resolution: 600 x 600DPI
High resolution: 900 x 900DPI
A4 file maximum scanning speed: color 900DPI 12 seconds / page
Color 600DPI 8 sec / page
Color 300DPI 3 sec / page
File format: JPG / PDF
The number of storage: 900 DPI about 300 / 600 DPI about 400 / 300 DPI about 1500 (using 2G memory card) 
The number of picture storage depends mainly on whether the color of the picture is complicated, the more complicated the picture, the larger the compressed size .
Storage mode: MicroSD/TF card, no built-in memory, need to be equipped with card storage
Extended memory: MicroSD/TF (1G-32GB)
Body color: standard color black
Working method: offline scanning
Auto power off: automatic power off after 3 minutes of no operation
Focus range: contact, ±0.2MM
Battery: Two AA batteries (AA), no battery when shipped
Computer system: Supports WINDOWS XP / VISTA / WINDOWS 7 / MAC OS 10.4 or higher
Scanning software: Supports Windows Imaging, PHOTO Shop and other similar image processing OCR software.
1, one-button scanning mode switching and high, medium and low resolution settings, easy to operate
2, can see the number of scanned paper in real time, no need to install any professional driver software
3. The MicroSD card directly stores the read scan data, and the card reader or the USB cable can be connected.
4. The scanned data is in JPEG format or PDF format, which can be selected by yourself.
5, the power supply is a common 5th battery, easy to carry out, easy to replace
Applicable to banking, insurance, securities, scriptwriting, lawyers, judicial personnel, research institutions, construction, real estate, mobile office, development, etc., 
Not suitable for general desktop scanners, even inconvenient to scan documents and documents
Because of his High definition and simple operation method, which can be applied to any occasion of desktop scanner applications, 
Become the first choice for office supplies scanner series