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Portable mini rechargeable uv germicidal Lamp uv sterilizer with ozone for home bathroom hotel room

$65.00 Only $52.00 for premium, Get your Premium now!

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Product SKU: CHH 001218

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Product Description
Portable ultraviolet germicidal lamp
    Microphone design: stylish appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, light and portable; White coated iron mesh shell: not easy to oxidize and not to paint off; High transmittance quartz glass material: efficient sterilization and purification environment, can be used for 8000 hours.
One button to turn on and turn off automatically: the UV lamp will light up after pressing the switch button for 3 seconds, and the anti-virus will automatically turn off after 15 minutes;
1. UV sterilization patent technology;
2. Active purification, 360 degree no dead angle sterilization, sterilization, mites, odor removal, virus removal, odorless, no side effects, no consumables, no need to add chemical reagents;
3. Can be used for both home and car, using charging device, with Automatic timing function, 15 min/time;
Product size
Input voltage
Application area
Iron + silicone
package size
Carton size:
Manual +USB Line
1. Efficient mold and mite removal; 2. Take care of children 3. People with low immunity, prevent colds, diseases, and cross-infection risks; kill the source of infectious diseases, pet litters, greenhouse disinfection, bacteria have nowhere to hide, and protect healthy growth;.
  Suitable for shoe cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, maternity products, toilets, etc.