Slimming Tea for ladies- 100% Korea Herbal

High Blood Sugar Diabetes,Body Fat,Heart disease,Varicose Veins,Gallstones,Coronary heart disease,Arteriosclerosis Ingredients: Tea, cassia tora l, hawthom, Indian Buead, lotus leaf, semen raphani, organge peel, oriental waterplantain rhizome, curcum


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Product Description

Ingredients: Tea, cassia tora l,  hawthom, Indian Buead, lotus leaf, semen raphani, organge peel, oriental waterplantain rhizome, curcuma longa l.

Health Function: Slimming Tea

Zhelf-life: 36 months

Storage: Please in cool and dry place at room temperature

Method and dose to take: 1-2 times daily, 1 bag each time, solve it in boiled water and take it.  It is best to take half an hour after meals.

Suitable mass: Single fat mass.

Not recommended for women who is pregnant and lactation.

Note: The product cannot replaces drug. After slim to normal body weight, It is not necessary to take it again.


Alice, 23 years old, USA 

Q: Can I brew the day before and save in the fridge for next day or for a few hours in advance? Will it not work the same?
A: Yes, you can but the aroma won’t be as strong as when you just brew the tea. Just make sure you use a container with a tight lid to reduce the lost in aroma. And remember that the longer you leave the tea bag in, the stronger the taste it’ll be. If the temperature is higher, I suggest that you do not drink tea overnight to avoid deterioration.

Thomas, 44 years old, Canada
Q: Has anyone reduced weight drinking this tea?

A: We promise that every person who drinks it can get thinner. After you back to your normal weight, it is not necessary to take it everyday.

Aakarshan,31 years old, India
Q: What is the best time to drink slimming tea?
A: Preferably half an hour before each meal.Solve it in boiled water and then take it.

Nguyễn Hà,25 years old, Vietnam
Q: Does this tea make you move your bowels? and is it good for colon cleansing?
A: Yes.Our slimming tea will improve the gastro-intestinal function, promote bowels movement, decompose fat and prevent fat absorption. Few people may feel a slight bellyache when intestines movement expels defecation. This phenomenon will disappear after toilet. Improper usage will cause slight abdominal pain, please reduce dosage.

 Isabella,27 years old, South Africa


Q: Can I take slimming tea during pregnancy?
A: Pregnant and lactating women and children should not drink.

Daniel,58 years old, Mexico
Q: I have high blood pressure and diabetics, can I take slimming tea?
A: Please ask advice from your doctor. The tea can’t replace drug.