WZATCO CT580 Real Full HD Projector 1080P 1920*1080 3800Lumen HDMI Home Theatre Android 9.0 Projectors WIFI Beamer LCD Proyector


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Product Description


* BIG PICTURE IN A SMALL PACKAGE -   70% higher lumens and brightness over similar HDMI projectors in its market due to innovative HD Decoder Chip Technology.
The 30,000-hour lamp life projects vivid, big-screen images with rich 1080P sharpness for years to come.
Even in brightly-lit rooms, the bold colors make this the ideal home projector for all your entertainment needs.
* 80% REDUCED FAN NOISE - A newly-enhanced cooling and fan system generates the least noise of any home projector Ragu has ever brought to Amazon.
By enabling outstanding R&D and Engineering, we’ve created the most enjoyable home entertainment projector in its class.
* SMARTPHONE/LAPTOP/TABLET CONNECTIVITY - Easily connect any Mac, PC, Smartphone,
Tablet or Gaming System with an HDMI dongle or a DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED).
If your device doesn’t support HDMI there’s also SD/MHL/USB connectivity (ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED).
* POWERFUL & PORTABLE - The full-1080P / 3800 Lumen / 5000:1 Contrast Ratio all combine to project bold and radiant images for anywhere life takes you,
whether you’re watching on a wall inside your house or on a sheet in your backyard.