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Genre essay suggests freedom of creativity. All of his charm is that it can be written on any subject and in any style, that is, about anything and like anything, because the essay - it is your thinking about what he heard, read, scanned.



In the foreground is an essay write my essay - the author's personality, his thoughts, feelings and attitudes. This is the main installation works. But we must remember that despite the freedom of creativity, writing in the genre of essay quite easy, as it is necessary to find an original idea (even in the traditional material), a custom look to any problem.



Custom essay writer Essay as a genre works actively intervenes in school life. And in many schools essay is offered as a graduation or entrance examination, not only where the subject area - literature and Russian language, but also history, foreign languages. For the literate, interesting essay must respect certain rules and guidelines, which will introduce you to this memo.



What is the essay as a genre of literature?



Essay (from the French essai "attempt, test, essay ") - the prose essay and a small amount of free composition, which expresses the individual experiences and views on a particular occasion or issue, and certainly not exhaustive answer. It is a new, subjectively colored word about something that has philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, popular science, or fictional character.








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Essay style is different:

















To send a personal perception, perception of the world essayist



attracts numerous examples



draws parallels




picks up the analogy



uses all sorts of associations.



For the essay is characterized by the use of multiple means of artistic expression:







allegorical and parable images









The essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains:



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unexpected findings



twists and turns



interesting coupling



Speech by the construction of an essay - is a dynamic alternation polemical statements, questions, set in conversational tone and vocabulary.



The specifics of the genre essays



Title essay is not directly related to the topic: in addition to reflecting the content of it can be a starting point in thinking of the author, to express the ratio of part and whole.



The free essay composition is a subject to its own internal logic, but the fundamental idea of the essay is to find "a colorful lace," the author's thinking. In this case, the affected problem will be considered from different perspectives.



If the essay on a literary free essay writers 7e5252f17d457f708effe7c4f7adc63f.jpg



theme should dominate the analysis of rational combination of art with their own arguments in an essay - the author's position is clearly expressed.



If the traditional essay welcome personality style and language of the author's works, the essay author's individual style - a requirement of the genre.



If you want to say something different, new, non-standard, then the genre of the essay - this is your genre. Try it, create, perhaps, in your hidden gift of the great publicist.






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