Digital transformation in education

Found interesting article "How to choose best browser for education?". 

Today, the education technology sector is growing because of the pandemic. And it looks like COVID-19 is here to stay. That’s why schools, universities, colleges, coaches, and other parties related to education started to search for various tools to deliver the service distantly. How to choose the best browser for education?


Moreover, it is insecure about gathering dozens of people together in one single room, and it’s not a good idea (in terms of finances) to create a secure environment on their site. That’s why everyone considers the opportunity to provide educational service online and change the way education services are provided. 

Wearable devices, data analysis, VR, online conferences, and even more - everything that is needed to make education more accessible and engaging. 

Posted in Learning & Education on March 31 2021 at 05:21 PM

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