The ping pong or table tennis is a sport that may seem easy and simple, but the reality is that if you want to become a professional or an advanced level of game player, not just enough to have a good technique, but you also need the best equipment, like the ping pong paddle and a great mentality for detail info visit us...


So that you can focus on becoming a great ping pong player, don't miss our list of the top 10 tips to improve at ping pong :

  1. Learn to stay calm Ping pong is a sport in which you need to play in a relaxed way so that your nerves cannot beat you. Playing calmly will help you play better at crucial moments in a game and can also help reduce the occurrence of injuries.
  2. Train the serve . Service is one of the key factors during a table tennis match, since it allows you to take the initiative of the point, so it should be practiced in each training session.
  3. Train your punches . Like the serve, it is also necessary to practice the different strokes that can be made in ping pong. The hits with effect (top spin, black spin and side spin), blocks, finishes and the loop or loop flip. In order to learn a stroke, you must practice it until you perform it automatically.
  4. Stretch before and after each game . Despite seeming to be a sport in which physical effort is not made as in others, it is important to stretch before and after games and training sessions to reduce the appearance of possible injuries.
  5. Use the correct equipment . To become a great player you need the best equipment. The most important and the one you have to focus on the most is the ping pong paddle, since it has to adapt to your way of playing. In addition, if you also want to practice from home, you should look for a good indoor ping pong table that has characteristics similar to those used in tournaments.
  6. Practice your leg and foot movements . During a table tennis match, many horizontal and vertical movements are made behind the table, so you must improve your foot and footwork to be able to move quickly.
  7. Play with different rivals . It's okay to always have a partner to play with, but you should try to find rivals with different types of play. This will prepare you to face any opponent.
  8. Study your opponents . When you are playing a tournament and you meet your next opponent, you should try to analyze their type of play, strokes, weaknesses, etc.
  9. Play smart . Choosing the right shot and at the right time can win you many games, but this requires playing smart. You have to set a game strategy, concentrating on the ball and learning from mistakes. 
  10. Set yourself long-term goals . Ping pong is a sport in which it takes a long period to become a great player, as you are always improving and learning.
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