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    My team and I have recently released several mobile applications, one of which is vpn for iphone. After that, I wondered which applications are needed the most.
The general trends are the same in all regions. Everywhere you need convenient, smart, fast and intuitive applications. The differences are due to legislative nuances rather than different needs.

For example, Revolut mobile banking has been developing for several years in Europe. You connect a bank account to it, and the system helps you to save and increase money in a smart way - to invest, for example. The bank allows you to manage money with any service that the client has approved. So in the European Union. In other regions - different laws. Therefore, there are no such products there yet, although the need for them is obvious.
I see three main global trends:
  1. Development of communication between people in a variety of forms.
  2. Smart assistants that save the user's time, relieve his attention, and eliminate a lot of routine actions. This includes travel planning with one button, and tips for saving money, and the choice of music with films, and the like.
  3. Tech For Good. Traditionally, technology is opposed to nature, naturalness. Now, especially in Europe, many are breaking this stereotype - they help the environment, people, and relationships with their projects.
Trends change approximately every two to three years. Three of the current ones were formed about a year ago. Therefore, for a couple of years we will be moving in precisely these directions.
It is curious that in augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and some other areas, which were pinned hopes not so long ago, no progress is expected. For the mass consumer, these technologies today have no practical use - such as, for example, machine learning. It creates "magical intelligence" and is used in image recognition, video processing, photographs, and so on. The rest is still in the laboratories.

So I think developers should focus on what is applicable today.
Posted in Technology on April 22 2021 at 02:46 PM

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