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Why is Google browser the best browser?
According to the survey, nearly 60% of people in the world are using Google Chrome, which accounts for 45 points compared to the second largest Microsoft IE browser, because its biggest advantage is fast!
Market share of major browsers in October 2017

In general, Mr. Radish also likes to use Google browser. Whether it is a home computer or an office office, Google browser is installed. I personally think that Compared with other major browsers, Google browser is no matter in terms of security, stability, or In terms of fluency, they are much better than other browsers, and once they are used, they can't help themselves.

Except for editors like me, programmers are the ones who love the Google browser the most.

Google, the developer’s favorite

A programmer who does not use Google Chrome is not a good programmer

You ask the developers what the best browser to use, and they will definitely say Google.

Some programmers even said: "95% of the questions can be answered on Google."

However, a few years ago, the most popular browser for developers was not Google, but Firefox, because before, Google's page debugging was not as easy to use as Firefox, and Firefox also needed to be code compatible.

In the end, Firefox still failed to do Google, mainly for two reasons:

1. Poor browser startup performance

In the early days, the startup time of Firefox was close to one minute, so I couldn’t stand it.

2. Firebug has not improved much

I have been a developer for so many years, although Firebug remains the same as before, but its ability to keep up with the times is a little worse.

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